Equipment List

dmg / mori-seiki We utilize machinery from DMG/Mori-Seiki, one of the world’s premier
machine tool builders.

CNC Milling Equipment

QtyName Specifications
2DMG DMU80 eVo 5-Axis Machining Center33x25x25" Travel
1DMG DMF180-7 5-Axis Machining Center71x27x25" Travel
2Mori-Seiki NMV5000 5-Axis Machining Center 28x20x20" Travel
1DMG DMC65FD Full 5-axis Machining Center with HSM 25x25x20" Travel
1DMG CMX1100 Vertical Machining Center with HSM 43x22x20" Travel
3Mori-Seiki NV5000/a1A Vertical Machining Center 31.5x20x20" Travel
1Mori-Seiki NV5000/a1A Vertical Machining Center
with pallet changer
31.5x20x20" Travel
2Mori-Seiki NV5000/a1B Vertical Machining Center 40x20x20" Travel
3Mori-Seiki NH4000DCG Horizontal Machining Center 22x22x24.8" Travel
1Hitachi-Seiki VK45 Vertical Machining Center 38x18x20" Travel
1Hitachi-Seiki VK45II Vertical Machining Center40x20x20" Travel
1Hitachi-Seiki VS50 Vertical Machining Center 40x20x18" Travel
1Hitachi-Seiki VS60 Vertical Machining Center
with Advanced Control for High-Speed Machining
50x24x18" Travel
1Hitachi-Seiki VS40 Vertical Machining Center24x18x18" Travel

CNC Turning Equipment

QtyName Specifications
1Hitachi-Seiki SuperHiCell CH250 Mill/Turn Center0.001 B-Axis, 10" Chuck,
2.5" Bar Feed Capacity
1Hitachi-Seiki Hitec-Turn 20RIII 2-Axis Turning Center8" Chuck, 2.0" Bar Feed Capacity
1Mori-Seiki/Hitech TF2000B 2-Axis Turning Center8" Chuck

Support Equipment

QtyName Specifications
1IMS 5-Axis DCC Merlin CMM30x43x29" Measurement Range
1Zero Blast-N-Peen Glass Bead Machine
1Marvel Automatic Vertical BandsawAdjustable Angle
1Startrite Automatic Horizontal Saw
MultipleTumble Deburr Machines
1Ultrasonic Aqueous Parts Washing System
1Thompson 8x24" Surface Grinder
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